Monday, 14 January 2013

The First Time I Ate Dim Sum

So this is one of my first dining experiences I had in Hong Kong. The name of the restaurant was Pancake Colours, in Mong Kok.
We had been bimbling around the humid hectic streets, sweating and hungry, for some time and it had just started to rain. With no umbrella we tucked into the lobby of one of the many gigantic buildings that has an escalator leading to floor after floor of mazes of tiny chaotic shops, full of masses of cheap clothing and jewellery and hello kitty paraphernalia and copious phone covers and mobile accessories. Amongst the bric a brac, knick knacks and endless clutter, you can often find restaurants.
Pancake Colours offered me my first taste of dim sum. We had dumplings, rice noodle rolls and duck all with soy sauce. I also tasted my first lemon tea, a beverage I have every time I visit a Chinese restaurant, only now I tend to get it iced rather than hot as they give you a cup of bottomless hot tea or hot water for free anyway.
At this time I was absolutely terrible at using chop sticks. A lot of my food touched the table top before finally making it into my mouth. Still tasted good though.

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