Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mmmmmmmeal for One

Park n Shop is one of many supermarkets in Hong Kong and I generally would do my food shopping either there - or Wellcome (but if I had my way and a big enough bank account and lived close enough I'd want to do all my shopping at the Great Food Hall in Pacific Place - it's a food palace).

On one of my first trips to the store in the shopping mall where I worked in Home World of Whampoa Gardens (there are no gardens - it's a lie), Hung Hom, I was perusing the meat aisle when I came across the Hong Kong version of a pre-packed meal for one. There were a few options: diced pork with vegetables, fish head and veg or chicken feet and veg...mmmmmmm yummy. "Where's the cereal? I've seen enough."

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