Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Breakfast Club

If you want eggs Benedict to feed your hangover (this isn't Swansea anymore, it's Hong Kong daaaarling - no more Upland's Diner Specials) then there's only one place to go. Well, in actual fact two: The Breakfast Club on Peel Street in Soho or The Breakfast and Supper Club on Leighton Road in Causeway Bay. Same breakfast menu.

The food is worth the money. I think it's about $70HKD for that culinary delight but you'll spend more on a fresh smoothie, so thick they give you an extra wide straw. You'll spend $100HKD (£8).

The venue in Soho is a small, bright, light cafe with some outdoor seating at the back and a ceiling high shelf spread with magazines. It is generally quite busy and mostly occupied by French expats. The other outlet is on the first floor, has dark wooden flooring and furniture and feels more like somewhere you'd want to have your dinner (or supper). Both feel really European inside, from the decor and the menu.

We've eaten out there more than anywhere (except Paisano's pizzeria). I rate it. Best breakfast in HK for sure. And if anyone from either of these two delicious eateries is reading this and want to thank me for the endorsement I'll take the payment in eggs please. Mmmm goi.

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